23 July, 2006

Please Help Lebanon

In addition to the ongoing aid campaign by Al Aqariya TV and the UAE Red Crescent Society Ma7aka ya Lubnan (With You Lebanon), a major fundraising day to help Lebanese war victims ("Their Children Are Our Children") sponsored by Sheikh Mohammed and organized by many local media outlets will be launched on 28 July. I couldn't find a link to it; if someone has it, please post it. For other help/fundraising efforts and emergency numbers in the UAE and abroad,
this GN list might be helpful. You can also make a difference by
joining this petition. This war is bringing horrific suffering to innocent civilians; please help.

Edit: Sorry the links in the post were all broken; I just fixed them.


uae alias said...

Have you been feeling sick of what's going on lately in Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon? Do you feel like shouting? saying no? having a say on what is happening in Lebanon?
Yes! We are going to protest in the Cornish of AbuDahbi on THU, 27 of JUL, 2006 after AL Asr Prayer.
Make sure to bring your own signs, flags, posters, brochures, etc...
Make sure to let as many of your friends aware of this event, the more the better.
هل سئمت مما يحدث مؤخراً في العراق وفلسطين والآن لبنان؟ هل تريد أن تصرخ؟ أن تقول لا، أن يكون لك كلمة وصوت مسموع عن ما يحدث في لبنان؟
نعم ! سنتظاهر في كورنيش أبوظبي، يوم الخميس الموافق ال 27 من يوليو 2006 بعد صلاة العصر.
تأكد من إحضار أي من الأعلام أو اللافتات التي قد تود استخدامها، ومن إعلام أكبر عدد من معارفك اللذين قد يودون الاشتراك في المظاهرة.

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to protest about Nsrallah's stupidity also? I have my signs ready. Thx.

bandicoot said...

By all means; bring your signs and join the people; good luck! Alternatively, get your own protest!

BuJ said...

i agree with anon.. nasralla definitely has shown his lack of genius!

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