16 July, 2006

Relief for Lebanon

I am trying to organize a relief campaign to gather much needed aid to Lebanon. Does anyone know any UAE based relief/Aid agency that is accepting funds or donations and arranging sending them to Lebanon? I tried calling the UAE Red Crescent but I can't get through..

Please if you know of any, place a comment or email me directly on dubaimirroratgmaildotcom


Hoots said...

I have the impression that if it had the power to do so this fragile new Lebanese government would stop the activities of Hesbollah and even force their Syrian tails back across the border. From my American viewpoint Lebanon and Israel are almost two democratic peas in the same pod, with more in common than separating them. Lebanon is nearly half non-Muslim.
And yet you, an Arab, unless I misunderstand, seek to send them humanitarian support in this time of crisis.
Maybe I'm missing something but I am deeply and sincerely impressed.

bandicoot said...

I haven't heard of any such efforts yet, except this one from the Red Crescent.

Hoot, I'm not sure if you're just patronizing or genuinely unaware of what it means to be Muslim or Arab (or even democratic) and so find yourself impressed. Whatever the case, isn't "humanitarian" enough for you?

Hoots said...

If anything I wrote sounded patronizing please forgive me. I am trying to make sense of a crazy state of affairs. From this distance it seems that there is much bleeding and few efforts to make it stop. Efforts to ameliorate that terrible situation don't make good headlines.

Just as there are maps without Israel in that part of the world, US media sources don't report Muslim humanitarian efforts as much as "Islamic terrorism." Ignorant and prejudicial, of course, but a widespread practice nevertheless.

nzm said...

hoots - you're correct when you write that the US media sources don't report on Muslim charitable and humanitarian acts, but this doesn't mean that they don't happen. In fact, this is one of the most giving regions in the world when it comes to relief aid and disaster recovery.

The thing is, most of it is done quietly and often anonymously, with no fuss or media attention, because it isn't about the glory or the fame - it's just about doing what is required and getting on with it.

Whether Moryarti is Arab or other is irrelevant - what he is is a wonderful human being who cares enough to initiate this project.

nour said...

so nice of you to think like that...
here's the link:
there is an account no.

he is HUMAN, regardless of his nationality..

thank you again.

samuraisam said...

this is really brilliant to see; good on you moryarti

Tainted Female said...

Hummm?! I could have sworn I posted this comment yesterday, but here goes again.

Baby Kaos has given details for Red Cross in Lebanon's bank and requested help with donations in her blog, here.

farrukh naeem: copywriter & journalist said...


I've linked your post on my blog and asked my visitors to visit this post and read the comments section.

Other bloggers can also kindly link to posts suggesting how we can help.

This is the least we can do.

If anyone knows of UAE institutions which are helping, please feel free to post their links in the comments section of my blog post for Lebanon also at my advertising and marketing blog.

Praying for peace, for ALL.


Tanya said...

Hey good effort
Im trying to do the same and will be trying to organise a fund raising drive in my neighbourhood. Contact the Red Crescent in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi and you might need to make a personal trip to their office and talk to them about backing your campaign where ever it is in the country.You might wanna drop in your donations personally at their headquarters in Dubai/AD.
hope this link helps

Goodluck Moryarti & God bless! :)

Chakazoulou said...

Dear friends,

In order to make our solidarity with the people of Lebanon practical, please send your donations to:

Lebanese Red Cross
Audi Bank
Bab Idriss
Account number: 841500

Or by draft checks to the following address:

Kontari - Spears Street
Beirut - Lebanon

Thank you for sending this information to all your contacts.

Best regards


PS: For the french speakers,I'm trying to provide information on the events in my blog: http://chakazoulou.blogspot.com/

Rabih Mogharbel said...

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