15 October, 2006

2016 Olympics and Racing Camels

I was trying to evaluate the possibilities of Dubai hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics when I came across the UAE Olympic committee website according to which, the Athens 2004 games is an upcoming event, cites '1 participant only' as an international level sporting achievement and using underage boys for camel races is a heritage sport.


bklyn_in_dubai said...

wow. that is *clearly* a little boy on that camel.

Lirun said...

australia - the olympic powerhouse - has camel racing as well through its western regions..

driving through the judean desert yesterday i saw many camels.. maybe ill take up the sport myself.. :D


nzm said...

lirun: sorry, but you might already be too old! lol.

samuraisam said...

given the age (judging from the appearance of a tiny image on the web) of the photograph I'd say its unlikely its anything but a child...

perhaps a midget?

secretdubai said...

Did anyone ever find out how the UAE entrant did at the Gay Olympics? And what sport he/she was in?

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