18 October, 2006

Dubai under the X-Ray

The latest edition of the online diving magazine X-Ray Mag has a couple of UAE-related articles.

On Page 9, there’s a short article about coral regeneration in the Arabian Gulf including Abu Dhabi, and on Page 14, there’s a full-page spread on Fraser Bathgate who has become the first wheelchair-bound person to gain a Course Director qualification with NAUI. Fraser started his diving in Dubai in 1992.

On Pages 5 & 6, there’s an excellent article on diving in Lebanon, and how the oil spill is being cleaned up. Fortunately for the diving operators it's had little impact on them, although overall they're badly hurting from the lack of patronage. Read the article and then go to Lebanon for some excellent underwater experiences.

One of the great aspects of the X-Ray website is that it allows you to download the magazine as a beefy pdf or as a view online magazine with several different options to choose from depending on the speed of your internet connection.

It's an info-packed read for all diving enthusiasts. The articles are well written, the images are fantastic and even the advertisements are educational - and it's FREE!

Check out X-Ray Mag - a premium read for scuba divers.

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