12 October, 2006

UAE Surgeon pioneers new Cochlear Implant Technique

Dr. Mazen is an ENT surgeon. He has pioneered a new technique for Cochlear Implants. According to this article published in Bahrain's Gulf Daily News:
A SURGEON of Bahraini origin claims to have perfected a technique to implant artificial cochleae in deaf children by using a revolutionary keyhole method.

Dr Mazen M Budhaish, now a UAE national, said his technique is recognised by the Irish Medical Council.

"I learnt this procedure thanks to the generosity of the members of the UAE royal family over three years, which have helped 23 patients, all children up to a year old, between 2004 and now."

"Eighteen of theses surgeries, which have given the sense of hearing to these children, have been performed as charity with support of organisations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE."
Yesterday Dr. Mazen held a press conference at the Dubai Press Club. But out of the four arabic & four english newspapers, only Al Bayan & Al Khaleej gave coverage to this story.

My question is, why are the english newspapers neglecting UAE stories? This is just one story which I have used as an example. If they cannot hire specialist reporters for UAE affairs because of financial reasons, then at least they can buy the articles from the arabic newspapers & then print it after translating it. I am sure it will be much cheaper than what they pay to foreign newspapers for their syndicated material.

Is it not a shame for UAE based newspapers that a Bahraini Newspaper Gulf Daily News wrote about it last month? But the UAE based english papers considered it a waste of precious newspaper space !!

I got the link to the Bahraini newspaper from this specialist website dedicated to hearing loss. Below is the comment from the administrator of that site:
I've read this article a couple of times, and I'm still not sure what it says! It looks like an improved surgical procedure for doing cochlear implants; if so, that's big news.
But it seems that is not a big news for UAE based English newspapers. I believe that Newspapers are supposed to play an important role in bridging gaps between people of different backgrounds. But are the UAE based newspapers doing enough? And then we complain that there is no cultural integration between locals & expats !!

Good Luck Dr. Mazen & all the best for your future. The people of UAE are proud of your achievement :-)


shansenta said...

Shall we call this attitude of ignoring UAE news as the "racialism of the 3rd kind" (whatever the phrase means, that is!!)?

DG said...

Shansenta, did you notice that none of the "Champions of Democracy & Free Speech" commented here. This further strengthens my arguement that most bloggers criticize just for the sake of criticizm.

Write any post criticizing UAE or Islam & you will see so much enthusiasm among our "liberal" friends.

Locals are blamed for being biased & racists, but what are the expats doing? !!

Take both arabic & english newspapers any day of the week. At the end of the day, you will have the impression that maybe english papers are printed in some other country & not UAE. This is not an exaggeration, give it a try.

pRoUd said...

My point exactly DG. I did comment on this post, but then deleted it to back my long suspicion with hard evidence. I was waitin for someone to comment, but since it doesn't sham the UAE and the type of "passports" they carry, no one bothered. I don't want to be categorised with them "whining b*** ***".
If anything, this proves that emirati people are just as capable and intelligent as anyone else, when provided with right oppotunities they will excel, i have no doubt. Also, as many expats claim, if the expats decide to all leave oneday, the uae will fall on its knee. I say try it.
However, I know many expats who have served the uae and ae only proud to do so and are asking for nothing in return. I salute them.

MD said...

DG, I'm proud of you, always! People only want negativity because that's gossip for them. That's why, as fake as it is, Flickr is still somehow better. The negativity on the blogging scene is only disheartening and suffocating, even if others choose to call it 'realism'.

DG said...

Proud, thanks for backing my arguement :-)

MD, I feel flattered by your comment. Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

pls how can i reach this doctor. does anyone have his email address? i have daughter that requires cochlear implants. i can be reached vis oyeogun@yahoo.com

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