20 October, 2006

Top 10 Guidelines for Any Government that wants to become Civilized:

1. A Government should vehemently condemn any atrocities committed by other nations while totally ignoring its own substantial contribution to human suffering and misery over the course of a few centuries.

2. A Government should accept freedom of press as one of its pillars and those that work within the field as a corner stone of any civilized society. This acceptance should end – of course -when the members of the press start staying stuff that the general populace needs not to hear, and –naturally- it would be totally acceptable to ‘neutralize’ these elements.

3. A Government will ensure a fair and transparent election process to select the ‘top official’, and will continue to support this elected official even though he or she might later on prove to be no more than a happy-puppy, roll-over-and-get-me-the-ball type of person that doubles as a PA for some other nations top dog.

4. A Government will enforce the separation of state and religion in all aspects, except – of course – when it comes to a state based on their favorite pet religion.

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