18 October, 2006

Death of whom?

Today's Gulf News really did catch my attention! For an instant, I wondered if it had to do with the news item on our telecom provider making lots and lots of profit - posted on top and that it spelled death for me!

So much for great advertising! Thank you Gulf News for giving me an optimistic start to my morning!

Can't wait for my paper tomorrow - with the words "You are in Deep S#@!"


archer14 said...

Is that called 'desperate' advertising or innovative bullshit?
definitely a heady mix of both!

Woke said...

Some pathetic advertising for Al Barari. The text goes on to say 'death to imported architecture' and shows Moroccan and Iranian architecture as being 'local'
And the msot dreadful font ever used.

Over Priced Real Estate Link said...

Screw the crappy advertising... how’s this for a thought.

Most Real Estate in Dubai tends to sell out in the first week. Heck sometimes on the first day it self. How come Al Barari is still stuck with inventory for over six months,(someone please correct me if am wrong). They have been taking out full page adverts in sandland papers for a while now.

It’s something to do with the large plot sizes or something more sinister? ( pretend that it’s a conspiracy muahhahah )

marwan said...

"Most Real Estate in Dubai tends to sell out in the first week. "


They just put ads like Al Barari saying they did.

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