12 October, 2006

"Arab Sheikh Grants Amnesty To Bulgarian, Pays off his Debt"

"The Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al-Maktum has granted amnesty to a Bulgarian who killed a Brit while driving drunk, Darik News revealed.

Sheikh Muhammad has even covered the EUR 50,000 of blood money that Georgi Bukov had to pay to the family of the deceased, Bulgaria's consul in the United Arab Emirates Milen Keremedchiev has announced.

Bukov killed the Brit in April and was sentenced to four months in prison in addition to the hefty fine. He served his time in Dubai, but according to local laws could not be released until he has payed all his dues.

Keremedchiev turned to the Sheikh on behalf of the jailed man, asking for a decrease of the sum, explaining that Bukov came from a poor family and would not be able to collect the money. Bukov was hoping that the country's Vice President would lower the amount he owed, but was amazed to find out that he had been fully pardoned and the money had been paid.

This decision was a supreme act of mercy, Keremedchiev explained."
more HERE

From what I can tell, this is a different Bulgarian drink driver than the one that killed Ben Mulligan in March, 06 (more here )

EDIT: appears like a mix-up of names, or an alternative name; unless the consul general has personally been involved in two cases involving Bulgarian drink drivers at the same time ( “The case was referred to the public prosecution and we know he will be charged for speeding,” said Milen Keremedchiev, the Bulgarian Consul General. “We should wait for the blood test results before we make a judgment,” he added." from HERE)


need money(i really do!) said...

now how about helping me with my debts, yr majesty?

Anonymous said...

Utterly appalling. If he's going to give money to people he should be giving to the poor labourers who don't get paid and haven't done anything to deserve it, not some drunken idot murdering driver. I'd ley him rot in hell. I really would have thought he had more sense.

the belgian cow said...

anon@ 11:38
i guess not.tis a classic case of more money then sense,i guess.

marwan said...

Another brilliant decision, following the Dallas Austin pardon.

So lemme get this straight:
Drink drivers, ok.
Drug dealers, ok.
Rapists ok.
Beating up random asian expats, ok.
Entrenched racial discrimination, ok.

Congratulations Dubai, you are now the Bangkok of the Middle East.

ali bin roga said...

for more about dubai,pls check out the website (or does it explode?.com)fun!!!

Balushi said...

The Bulgarian will Pray to Allah to grant Sheikh Muhammed the Paradise and Heaven for his generosity!

Why shud He help the poor Indians, pakistanis, afghanis, emaraties etc etc... Our population is too Big and God has no time to listen to our prayers. Sheikh Mo knows that!

blogrosh said...

well guys - perhaps we don't know the whole story of this Bulgarain man?

I feel Sheikh Mo - did what he did, because of true compassion.

We the general pop, may be oblivious to the politics and insider info - with all that's happening in Dubai.

Comeon - give Shk Mo - credit where it's due, it was a gesture from the heart. When was the last time, another politician/leader from a developed country did something similar?

I believe, Shk Mo, directly or indirectly is perhaps doing more for all those poor Asian labourers, which perhaps doesn't make the news?

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