10 October, 2006

Pirates of the Blogosphere - Last DAY

Today is the last day of our petition. Whatever comments and votes we get by tonight will be compiled into a report and would be sent to the print media.... so jump in comrads we need the world to know that we exist, and not only as readers but also as sources of information.... do vote in the poll.

CMON FRIENDS VOICE YOUR OPINIONS AND CAST YOUR VOTES.. at the end of the three day campaign we'll prove in a detailed report by votes and comments how the print media exploits us !!!!! The poll is here

Well yes it is official now and not only have I been victimized but so has been Samurisam and others of our creed. The print media and specially the news media such as GN, 8Dayz and others need to realize that we are not to be taken for granted. We are not their free labor. We spend time efforts and sweat to come up with articles on our respective blogs. Some people do it for fun while other specialist bloggers do a lot of search and research. As SecretDubai said "Cus you know how much more innovative, creative the online world is... ".

I realized this after EmiratesMac's post and after I spoke out I felt other have same views. Read the post and comments yourself and lets all bring together our evidences and grievances in this post. Sam caught them red handed previously but I was shocked when two of my articles made to the same days business section together: I should think about buying lottery is't it? I have created a poll as well in which users can vote to voice their opinion for the cause.

So lets stand up and let it be know we are not amateurs and are not to be ripped off anyone!!!


Lirun said...

they are struggling to keep pace with us.. i have found myself quoted in publications in venezuela.. new zealand.. israel.. USA and norway.. there may be others ;)

i spoke earlier this year to the global marketing manager of a wood pulp company in oslo.. norway is a massive exporter of paper for newspapers and she was mentioning the huge decline in demand..

we are the future.. and increasingly the now..

power to us

Balushi said...

I have posted a picture of the screen shot at Phoenix blog!


shansenta said...

I guess bloggers in UAE have completed a full circle!

Only issue is that the newspapers are not courteous enough to acknowledge the contribution...

Don't know if this Cntrl+I stance is a part of blunt treatment we face quite often from some other quarters!

dredge said...

thought piracy here was history!

blushi, may be the profile photo you use is copyrighted?

Woke said...

I dont think it can be concluded that all articles appearing in newspapers after being covered in a blog is plagiarized. Possible yes, but definitely not a certainity.

The possibility of a Gulf News writer coming across your post about UAE's 77th position in the Ease of doing Business rankings cannot be ruled out. But then they might have got the info from Arab News or some other bulletin which was published much earlier.

bizzwhizz said...

true that is a possibilityt and that we all understand and agree to, but the how come we see striking similarty between our posts and the ones in the newspaper are never do any of the blogs get credit ??

Seabee said...

Stories can genuinely and independently be covered by bloggers and the media. The media stories might be from news organisations like AFP etc. Covering the same stories isn't an issue.

The problem arises if they plagiarise bloggers' stories. If that happens then, yes, they owe it to us to credit the source.

Alisha Coelho said...

hey send us the petition too..we're from the emirates evening post...we'll accredit you and won't bend your version...we promise...

mail me at alisha@eveningpost.ae


archer14 said...

Would you kindly stop this nonsense? Even the greatest writers, philosophers and musicians have had their work pilfered, and you create this mad frenzy?
Learn to live with it. Work will always be pilfered, until you become famous enough that nobody would dare to even think of copy-pasting. You've made your point in one post. So please stop trolling.

Jassim said...

No one heard of creative commons?

bizzwhizz said...

tarcher its not about a person but about a community about the blogging community who feels they are being ripped of and anyone whose a bloger at heart would understand

DG said...

Void: I tried to vote, but it said repeat votes are not allowed. Why that error, any idea?

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