31 October, 2006

Geography is History for Evening Post

Giving a headline 'Iran used Uranium on Lebanon' for an AFP report covering Israel's use of uranium-based weapons in Lebanon is not going to help Emirates Evening Post's credibility as a newspaper - or whatever remains of it.

Emirates Evening Post, Oct28, 2006.


Anonymous said...

the correction was carried in the sunday issue of the paper. did you read it?

Woke said...

No, Im not a regular reader of Evening Post. Neverthless it is not one of those small typo errors that a newspaper can get away with.

What next, Mexico nukes Canada?

ahmed said...

This is not an error that you just commit and then clarify in your next issue. I cant believe they can let an error of this magnitude occur.

archer14 said...

I think its unfair to pick on an 'error' of this sort. Although I cannot confirm, I'm quite sure that they are not guilty of one sided news reporting like the Big Kahuna does. We should let them have their day, poor fellas are seriously running short of readers despite reporting the facts as they should be, minus a quarter kilo of 'Properties' ads.

alisha said...

who's the big Kahuna?

Anonymous said...

ha ah


Evening Post does it again.

Run by a Editor who has not written a word since she came on board.

Must be the most invisible editor in the world.

hey mama is this what they taught you in Sunday Midday.

le porc said...

Are you kidding? I thought she left ages back. She was the one who turned it to tabloid size and changed it from The Emirates EVENING POST to THE emirates evening POST.

Now I hear it's turned back. Not that BV (now in Bahrain, and lionised by the likes of CampaignME) did that great a job either. One time (under him) the headline for the day was "Shop Till You Drop" (this was during the last shopping festival).

Great to have an evening paper that concentrates on bringing you news that can't wait till the next morning, isn't it?

le porc said...

(And with regard to the report itself):

We all remember the "large clouds of black smoke" from the event itself, don't we? I think you started a debate on it, Woke.

Woke said...

My favourite Evening Post front page headline is 'The hand that rocked the RAK house' about a haunted house in Ras Al Khaimah.

Not even KT can give you that kind of entertainment, I think.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the Evening Post does a pretty good job. It's certainly bolder than 7days when it comes to discussing taboo subjects.

alisha said...

and i repeat: who's the big Kahuna?

Anonymous said...

just because an editor's name does not appear with the copy does not mean she has not "written a word"

anon, you most certainly, are biased and have some personal vendetta to fulfil. good luck with it.

and woke, maybe you ought to pick up a copy of the paper more often...could give you another excuse to clue in on the many mistakes, scan the cutting, and publicise the paper - are you sure they are not paying you to do this? why else would you always take that extra effort for this paper alone?

yeah, i am biased just like the rest of you.

but i've a reason. they changed my life...no local paper was willing to highlight my cause. but they did. and i respect them for that.

what's your excuse?

Alisha 'feeling ignored now' said...


Woke said...

Wow! Lot of anonymous supporters for the Evening Post.

anon 23:20,
If they have the budget and stupidity for paying people who point out their errors, they need to spend it on quality control.

They have made a mistake I point it out, like I have done with GN, KT and 7 Days if you check the archives.

But if you feel only EP is vindicated, you have every right to do so.

Lirun said...

the mainstream media constantly does this..

i remember when i worked overseas i would watch reports of bombings in the region where they would report one town and show pictures of a totally different city..

very disturbing..

but i guess there is enormous scope for human error in news coverage..

you kind of have to remember how each and everyone of us can still get news about acheh in north western indonesia realtime about tsunamis whereas centuries ago it would take 2 years if ever to get to you..

Nash.J said...


"Run by a Editor who has not written a word since she came on board. Must be the most invisible editor in the world."

Hi anonymous (now that's an act of courage)....firstly, it's always 'an' editor....(will have the heart to forgive you on that)

Secondly and a long secondly this is....I'm not a friend of the lady in question (in case you hold me as a twin source of bias), but if your desperation really needs to be addressed, I would like to do so by posing a question....."If you really are interested in reading 'newsEEE' issues, how does it matter who is behind the scenes?"....especially if you consider the fact that most newspapers and magazines who do come out with VISIBLY insane editorials are just a stone's throw away from being labelled as absolute trash.....

My dear anonymous invisible friend...ever heard of a 'just' opinion or for that matter even a sane one? where do you come from 'Beverly Hills - News watch- 90210????'

secretdubai said...

If Iran does use its nukes on Israel, Lebanon and Palestine and Jordan will all get majorly fked up, so there's a strange sense of prophecy to this error.

Both Israel and Iran are run by absolute warmongering oppressive evil wankers, so I could care less really.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why are you guys wasting your energy on baseless issues. if the issue is about the error, then why simply rip the poor editor apart. it is absolutely her discretion what to do to with the bufoon (read sub editor)or editorial team which has brought ignominy to the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

sack the numbskull who has made the error.

Anonymous said...

ha ha hilarious, dude no personal vendetta against the lady . never met her. wish her luck but is is a not bit surprising not to have come across her articles in the newspaper. An opinion piece or an interview with a senior government official.

maan where i come from that is de regieur.

anyway mate cheers .

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