08 October, 2006


Please someone tell me, how many of us are blocked for some anti spam nonsense.
Despite so many mails and filling out of authentication forms, not only has there been no change in BLOG status , but they have not even replied.

What next?


Balushi said...

So why was you laughing at me when my blog was locked? u know its not nice to laugh at others.

My blog is also still locked.

Today SecretDubai didnt also make post, i am just wandering if her Blog is also LOCKED.

We never know!

kaya said...

Haraam Balushi. I never NEVER laughed at you when your BLOG was blocked.
What you too?
What we do wrong ey?

_y u n h a n ` said...

i oso kenna blog.. I CANT POST ?? i send alot of verification thingy to blogger but they nv reply.. I SCARED MY BLOG KENA DELETED ! www.badt0thebone-.blogspot.com X((

Balushi said...

Kaya, nobody cares about us...

gtk said...

Etisalat did it ?

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