12 October, 2006

TRA slaps Etisalat

It seems the TRA have elected to give Etisalat a letter rather than a fine...
The UAE’s Telcommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has issued a formal written warning to Etisalat regarding the telco’s failure to comply with telecoms law, the requirements of its licence and TRA regulations . In September, Etisalat announced a number of mobile phone promotions, based on offering call credit for new and existing cutomers of a value between dhs100-185. Etisalat failed to obtain the required approvals from the TRA for these offers. The regulator examined the offer and determined that it was “anti-competitive and injurious to consumers and to the UAE’s telecom sector”.
--more HERE

Seeing as Etisalat was initially asked to withdraw its promotion and then they went off to 'seek permission' for it, what happens to all the people who bought into the offer? do they get the promised promotion or not?

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