24 October, 2006

WWF and an island

Apparantly the UAE has placed top on a list it shouldn't be so proud of...
Oct 24 (Reuters) - Following is a ranking issued by the WWF conservation group on Tuesday of the 10 nations whose inhabitants place most demands per capita on the world's natural resources.

It said in a report that humans were stripping nature at an unprecedented rate and would need two planets' worth of natural resources every year by 2050 on current trends.

Nations with the biggest per capita "ecological footprints" were: 1. United Arab Emirates 2. United States 3. Finland 4. Canada 5. Kuwait 6. Australia 7. Estonia 8. Sweden 9. New Zealand 10. Norway

People in the United Arab Emirates, for instance, needed the equivalent of almost 12 hectares (29.65 acres) per person of productive land or seas in 2003 to provide natural resources they used and to re-absorb their waste.
--more HERE

and in other news Michael Schumacher has been gifted a part of the world...
"Michael Schumacher received an unique and unprecedented parting gift after his last grand prix in Brazil - an island.

Dubai's crown prince - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - reportedly decided to give the retiring German a piece of the man-made island paradise The World. located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. "
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Slagothor said...

And there I thought Sheikh Mo was the Ruler, and not the Crown Prince anymore...

trailingspouse said...

I heard sales on The World were bad, but now they're giving them away?

Anonymous said...

The islands are over priced in my opinion....u can get a bigger chunk of earth somewhere in the carribean with better waters and more privacy

Balushi said...

this is a good technique!

they want to give away these place to few famous ppl than all the infamous wants to live near the famous!

get it?

nobody even want to rent me a home near sonapour labour camp!

debbie menon said...

what a waste of ecological space!

Gulf_Pearl said...

We really need to open our eyes to how we are destroying the UAE. There's been stuff said about us losing our cultural identity what with all the foreigners here, but we aren't even gonna have a country left - the Federal Environmental Agency can say what it likes - they are just ashamed of the way we disrespect our land, our resources and ultimately our planet. And sorry to say this - a lot of the temporary people here don't care about looking after the UAE, but they'd have to if they were in Europe. It's the same planet so people should care wherever they are. And us Emiratis - well I don't know where to begin - we are ignorant and need to wise up pretty damn quick.

Mme Cyn said...

Interesting that today's Village News (http://www.eveningpost.ae/ Page3.pdf) has its lead story decrying the WWF's footprint findings, implying that the report must be untrue since our fair country has sent incomplete data to the UN. Seems to me that if you wanted to keep you face clean, you'd make sure your own record keeping was up to speed.

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