31 October, 2006

welcomed or shunned?

Well i just started a new blog and I am a virgin blogger as well.. I wonder if my knock on the door eventuates into a welcome or will I be pelted with stones???




Woke said...

Not too may stones out here in the desert I'm afraid. Welcome aboard localexpatriate and happy blogging :D

secretdubai said...

I very much hope it's a welcome!

Although being pelted with precious stones wouldn't be so bad, like 50-carat flawless rubies or something ;)

nzm said...

lol @ SD - I wouldn't mind being showered with stones of that kind either!

Welcome, Local Expat!

marwan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
marwan said...


Doubleletter said...


I like your blog title :)

Good luck

FreshDubai said...

Ahlan wa sahlan. I'm still a relatively new blogger on the scene too, only been going for a month or two. Welcome and happy blogging!

shansenta said...

Hello and Welcome!
I like the blog title of yours :-)
Hope you have a nice time on this journey to make this voice even more powerful to usher in positive changes for the well-being of all!

dredge said...

virgin blogger!!!
Ahhh, I thought virgins were extinct! I'm sure balushi will be more than interested!

Free Mind said...

Welcome! If u do get some stones SD mentioned - be kind and pass some to me!

blogrosh said...

welcome localexpat - you are not alone, nice to know there are more of "us" out there : )

I like your first post. Thank you for writing, felt nice reading it. I guess it's basically the story of my as well as my friends, lives. It's been 5 years & counting in NYC and to this day, I continue to "explain" why I am not from the UAE.

Seabee said...

We're a welcoming bunch, pretty much, so it should be a welcome not a stoning :-)

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