16 October, 2006

Speediest way to trace someone...

I have been following this story of “missing brother" for some time, and am quite amused by the fact that the search should have culminated in jail!

Consider these:

3rd Oct – The “mentally retarted brother” Mahesh Samal went missing after 3 am.

10th Oct – Filed missing report with Al Gharb police

12th Oct (GN) – An official in Al Gharb police station confirmed to have circulated name and report to police deptts. and CIDs. “Until now we have not received anything…”

16th Oct (GN) – Ramillo…found out that his brother was in Sharjah Central Jail, as his mother called him from India and told him that Mahesh had sent her a letter from jail. "Police arrested Mahesh one hour after he left the apartment at 3am, as they could not find any identification papers on him”

Isn't it strange that:
a) Police didn't have the faintest clues of their arrests even after 9 days of doing so?
b) It was probably a snail mail that was faster than the police in this case, to have informed the mother of his arrests!

Any ideas from the community?

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Aro said...

This is BAD. Really really BAD.
Had read that piece of news this morning and I am still chocked.
What is this place we're living in?!?
If the facts are as has been presented, then SHAME on the police forces of Sharjah.

DG said...

When Sharjah Police was rebranded as Anjad in the mid nineties, it was very efficient. But over the years I have noticed a decline in their efficiency. Maybe the enthusiasm has declined over the years. Maybe the "General Manager" is not a good motivator. I think we need a Dahi Khalfan in Sharjah too :D

By the way, can you think of any other police force where the head of police force is called a "General manager"? ;-)

shansenta said...

sort of confusion whether it's a public or private venture?? :-):-)

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