13 October, 2006

preparation for war?

"ABU DHABI [MENL] -- The United Arab Emirates, amid increasing tensions with Iran, has launched an effort to establish a reserve military force."
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Anonymous said...

ha ha nice one to get ur name in peoples heads dude... there is no news there it keeps linking back to uaecommunityblog.
nice one anyway

samuraisam said...

anonymous: I did indeed mess up the link; it has been fixed now.
However, If you do not like what I post, that is excellent, that means my plan is coming together.

Balushi said...


All these arabs will never fight!

meaning of life for them is:

-Dodge 6 cylinder.

first of all i really doubt if anyone feel for fighting anothe Muslim Countries!

The West has Drawn the Lines with us! our One and Only enemy is the Crusaders/west.

Thanks to bush,blair,Olmert,pope, danes.. etc etc.

Benedictus XVI said...

I forgive you, Balushi.

When we begin the next Crusade, I will personally see to it that your life is spared.

Poo said...

If there a war between the UAE and Iran, which one will you be supporting Sam ?

Anonymous said...

I do hope Iran goes to war with UAE because they will be the only ones who can clean all the garbage in Dubai. I bet no EMIRATI will go to war for their country like the Iranians would.


Anonymous said...

Will they take expats?

If you think about it -- the Americans and Brits do all your fighting for you anyway, so why not let them sign up for sort of a local version of the Ghurkas? No taxes and you'll probably pay them better...

Anonymous said...

A small comment about "Anonymous" for cleaning Garbage in Dubai.

Do we really need to have war in order to clean this Garbage, initially who encouraged brining this garbage here??

Another thing, if you have a look at the origins of UAE nationals, you will find majority are from Iran, especially those in command and those who have power, Do you want me to list some names!

the biggest issue for UAE if they go for war with Iran will be how to protect their presence. This will be a very easy one for Iran. however on the other hand, UAE is a good friend to US so this will create a big conflict in the region. Also not to forget that Iran is becoming nuclear, this will make this place like pop-corn.

Anyway, Maybe the rents will drop, who knows?

blogrosh said...

I do not think the Iranians will harm the UAE - , it is probably the only safe heaven (now that Beirut took a beating), these folks can get away from. A realtor friend, said to me, Iranians are largest purchasers of real estate in Dubai amongst the expat community.

I feel perhaps, this time, most Iranians may see thru their crack head, psycho president -Ahamdinejad!!

click said...

So if the UAE and Iran clash. And Iran has nuclear weapons. And Iran decided to drop a 13 KT,(The same size as theone dropped on Hiroshima), device on SZR.

click here to see if you die. NOTE: You will have to click on the satellite button to see the map Feel free to play around with the Yield number. Remember better Iran than the US, which has bombs in the MegaTon range.

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