17 October, 2006

Evil Paradises: The Dreamworlds of Neo-Liberalism

Chapter One: Dubai, as published this month in the New Left Review.


nzm said...

ROTFLMAO at this line: The lodestone of Dubai, of course, is ‘peak oil’ and each time you spend $50 to fill your tank, you are helping to irrigate al-Maktoum’s oasis.

And I had to read at least 3/4 down the page before I read David Beckham's name - that's an improvement!

The most sobering part is the text below the heading An indentured, invisible majority

That's when it started to get more realistic. I guess that the structure of the article is a lot like reality - the glitz and glamour is at the top on the surface, but the grime and truth lies beneath.

An interesting read, John.

marwan said...
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marwan said...

A brilliant - if depressing read.

I didn't see any notes on the catastrophic inflation rise which has eviscerated the middle and lower classes - I guess that when we're talking this sort of money, our rents mean sweet bugger all.

I hope Mo doesn't mind me appending to your beloved aphorism -
"Anyone who does not attempt to change the future will stay a captive of the past - and their future will surely be helped by being born upon on a giant fucking pool of oil, about which they will proceed to talk endless cock for fifty years about how they deserved it somehow."

Woke said...

Very interesting indeed.

Dubai’s burgeoning black economy is its insurance policy against the car-bombers and airplane hijackers.

Emphatic, but not far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

why not?

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