21 October, 2006

Hail the International Monetary Fiddlers (IMF)

Finally the IMF has given UAE Gov. one good sugesstion, and that is setting up of a statistics bureau. Gulf News reported the development of the National Bureau of Statistics, subject to cabinet approval (ofcourse), which will act as a centralized database. This will not only come handy to Researchers but also to Analysts, Consultants and above all to my dearest 'young entrepreneurs'. Often when I did research for my blog I ended up using the CIA fact book as I failed to find detail statistics on UAE anywhere.

Now lets see how much of these official statistics by NBS would show the true picture.


trailingspouse said...

Well I hope they have more luck than they did with the census!

Lirun said...

i must admit i have used statistic bureau information a great deal in major international negotiations and in business pricing..

its a fantastic tool for facilitating long term engagements between companies on a quasi objective basis.,

strongly recommended

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