16 October, 2006

Dubai from the Sky

Gulf News has some interesting slide show links of aerial images taken over various locations in Dubai.

Some of them are obviously outdated, as evidenced by the level of construction, but great to view all the same.

Dubai Marina
Internet and Media City
Springs, Meadows and Arabian Ranches
Palm Jebel Ali and the World (there's actually a house on a world island!)
Sheikh Zayed Road (on a good day)
Palm Jumeirah

Update: In the Comments, dxbluey posted a link to Brian McMorrow's Dubai aerial images which are awesome - too good for the link to stay hidden in the Comments!


Anonymous said...

If you like areal photos of DUbai, you can not beat Brian McMorrow - Pbase Dubai

A huge number of photos here - they are incredible!

dubai42 said...

@dxbluey: wow, thank you, didn't know that site before... amazing photos there.

nzm said...

Awesome, dxbluey - thanks for sharing the link!

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