16 October, 2006

What a way to report!!

I have been pretty often clean-bowled by the ways of layout designs in Gulf News. I'm sure many of the fellow bloggers/ friends in media / advertising / communications must have felt the same too! An example appears in today's Page 2 reproduced here.

On first glance I got the topline spooky feelings that:
1) "The woman was stabbed repeatedly" while (or because of) "Appreciating Art"
2) The woman who was stabbed repeatedly and dumped by her husband... is seen here appreciating art with her husband

It is true that to a large extent news reporting / layout is about catching attention, making the report look "newsy" and this is what communication is all about.

However, I guess sometimes improper connection may take the communication to negative levels - eg. the report unknowingly connects the art exhibition to murder - Christie's style!!

And just for the record, this method has often been repeated - even on front-page main headlines!

Am I too critical? I'd love to know how the community feels about it... Sam? SD? Woke? ...


Anonymous said...

ur right....its too retarded

Seabee said...

You're right. I've posted on this kind of poor layout in the past too. They seem to simply focus on fitting things in, putting shapes together, without noticing the content

dredge said...

I think it's intentional; the art of stabbing is well known in martial arts and can be appreciated!

nzm said...

dredge: shouldn't that be marital arts?


Woke said...

Pretty bad, isn't it?

Maybe some quality control would help in avoiding such screw-ups.

But generally I think GN is far better compared to KT and the likes in terms of layout and design.

Kiwi Boy said...

Oh it's utterly stupid. Always confuses me. Takes me a while to stop looking at the picture while trying to relate it to the headline and actually read the narrow column that elaborates on the headline.

Dubai Sunshine said...

6 Days and Emirates Toady do that too....Not sure why...it always confuses me!

DG said...

I guess I am not the only one who has noticed a decline in the quality of gulf news in the last 2 years. But what is the reason for this?

I think they should change their name to "Gulf Property News" or "Gulf Classifieds News" because more than two third of print ention is dedicated to only ads.

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