22 October, 2006

Diamond trade

There is an interesting read on the diamond trade over here...

"The two-year-old Dubai Diamond Exchange has put the Gulf emirate squarely inside a global business dominated by Jewish traders. And that, inevitably, means trade ties with Israel, another world diamond hub.

"There has been no visible platform for Arab-Jewish cooperation since the 1960s," said Chantal Abboud, Beirut-based representative of Antwerp's diamond industry in the Middle East. "Now, Dubai has created it."

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nzm said...

Good find Sam and a very good read.

Apart from the obvious mention of the increasing relationship between Jewish/Israeli and UAE businessmen, the article hints that because of the lack of red tape in Dubai, that it could become the base for the trading of blood diamonds

Just another thing for the political detractors of the UAE to pick up on!

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