16 October, 2006

Seven Local Airlines?

This should be read with the story posted by dubai42 about the growth of Emirates below. It’s not only the competition from Abu Dhabi that will affect the future of Emirates, but also an emerging fleet of baby carriers from the other five emirates intent on joining the ranks. At this rate we’ll soon have seven UAE airlines! It’s already four out of seven (I think), with
Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, and
most recently the new rising star RAK Airways.

BTW they're still hiring, if you’re interested.

Probably no chnace of being a manager as the seven top positions are filled; but you can always try to be an agent, since apparently they have
no agents yet!

RAK Airways: It may not be as big as Emirates, or as rich as Etihad, but it's another baby airline with a great potential to shape the future of the industry in this country.

P.S. You’re thinking I forgot Fujairah? Well, I searched for Fujairah Airlines and this is what I found! Do they still fly these beauties?


nzm said...

Bandicoot: some of your links aren't working - at least four of them come up with a blogger error - wrong URL link, methinks, and the RAK Airways link URL is also not working for me until I edit it to http://www.rakairways.com.

I wish that they did still fly the DC3 as a commercial plane - I love them! My first ever plane flight was in a DC3 which belonged to Fiji Airways, flying from Suva to Nadi to catch a bigger plane, as a kid taking my first holiday abroad with my parents.

There are still some flying as sightseeing planes and crop-dusting planes around the world, and the more unusual uses of old retired ones include 2 in NZ that have been used in restaurants - one as seating area at McDonalds at Taupo, and the other used as a cafe at Mangaweka!

dubai42 said...
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dubai42 said...

yeah, the link to my "story posted below" doesn't work either:-(

All in all I think that the whole market is currently expanding fast, so there might indeed be place for more airlines, without them harming each other much.

The repeated delays of the A380 could be more dangerous to Emirates expansion. After all, they ordered more than 40. Etihad, by comparison, a mere 4.

nzm said...

Dubai42: I don't think that you can compare Etihad with Emirates just yet - Etihad is so young in comparison. Give them a couple of years, but you also have to look at their business model to see if they actually do want to emulate Emirates.

I also think that it's a chicken and egg issue with Emirates and the A380 delay.

First, they need a terminal that can accommodate the big planes and offload the huge pax volume that they carry.

It's going to be a race to see what gets finished first - DXB Terminal 3 or the first Emirates' A380!

dubai42 said...

Give them a couple of years, ...

@nzm: time will tell, yes. Definitely interesting times in the airline business...

Didn't know about delays regarding the DXB expansion / new terminal. Do you perhaps have a quick link?

bandicoot said...

nzm & dubai42 - thanks for the pointers about the broken links; they're now fixed!

bandicoot said...

nzm @14:40 - I don't think I've ever been in a DC-3; Are they still in service here? How about on domestic lines in the US? It would be also interesting to know what happened to the particular Fujaira plane shown in the picture!

nzm said...

Bandicoot: No I don't believe that any of them are still in passenger service in the World - although there may still be some used in Africa that I don't know about!

I just came across this pdf with an old image of dxb on the cover also showing a DC3!

As I wrote above, most are now used for sightseeing, crop-dusting or as static displays.

They were the workhorses of WWII as troop and cargo carriers. My mother distinctly remembers a time in India when standing on the roof of her Calcutta house as a kid, a US squadron of them flew over the house to say goodbye to her family, as they had hosted the aircrews during their stay in Calcutta.

Dubai42: I can't readily find a link, but the pdf above mentions completion by 2006. This link mentions 2007.

If you look at the actual construction site, you'll know that these completion dates will be hard to achieve. Terminal 3 has barely got its full cladding, and the arrivals/check-in building in front is nowhere near finished.

DG said...

But do we need so many airlines in a small country like ours? Is there so much demand for aviation services in the region? Anyone from the aviation industry here?

bandicoot said...

nzm - thanks for the new info on the DC3. I'm not sure if you noticed that the one in the photo actually says Fujairah airways (or airlines); it's clear in Arabic and somewhat obscured in English. Does this airline still exist? And if so, what's their situation like?

dg - Only the future will tell. Dubai is counting on 15 million visitors annually by 2010 (if you believe the projections; check the article above posted by John Chelton). Other emirates will have to do something (like RAK is trying now) or end up as the dumping ground for Dubai, or worse. So in principle, they could still get a piece of the action and put their airports and airlines to good service. But whether their airlines can ever really take off is basically still up in the air!

sarcastic cotton said...

now we wait for air umm elquwain & ajman airlines!!!heck, give them both an airport,the shaikh rashid bin humaid al nuami memorial airport in ajman & the shaikh ahmed bin rashid memorial airport in ummelquwain!!municipal?

Anonymous said...


Here is a guaranteed way to know if a project is behind schedule.

1, Is it a large project (as in bigger than one single two storey villa)?
2, Is it being built in Dubai?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then it has or will be delayed.

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