11 October, 2006

Map Wars: The UAE Reclaims Lost Territory from Saudi Arabia

Ha ha interesting isn't it interesting I don't know if it has been previously on UAEC but I couldn't resist. UAe is trying to reclaim land its founding father Sh Zayad had agreed to give to Saudi in a treaty in 1974. If you see in the maps below you will see difference its the part of land extending towards Qatar.

And what does big daddy say about it :
"Washington will not want to be asked to take sides, but any diplomatic row or brinkmanship could directly jeopardize American commercial interests—U.S. companies are heavily involved in both states. Militarily, the UAE's al-Dhafra Air Base is used by U.S. transport and reconnaissance aircraft, partly replacing the now closed U.S. facilities in Saudi Arabia, and the UAE's port of Mina Jebel Ali is frequently used by American naval ships."

Not to mention about 800 billion Saudi Hard Cash is already running in the veins of US ecnomy. If anybody got any tips enlighten us please.

O yes here is the orginal post.


pRoUd said...

A very hilarious situation that I wish both sides pursue just for the fun of it to see our mother Amreca will be on whose side..

ofcourse the land will be very valuable if any "hydrocarbons" were found.

If this year has any title to me it will be "the Year when the Masks came off"

trailingspouse said...

Interesting. I was not aware of most of this. Thanks for posting.

Grumpy Goat said...

It might be nice to - once again - drive to Qatar from the UAE without all the hassle of KSA transit visa. And it would be so much less expensive than a bridge between Abu Dhabi emirate and Qatar, a major civil engineering enterprise to achieve much the same ends.

secretdubai said...

The Saudis will oppose this because they are assholes. They are already trying to oppose the proposed bridge to Qatar, because they are such greedy control freaks.

I would like to see the UAE take ALL its territory back, including the "disputed" islands. Far better to be in Emirati hands than Iranian. I would also like to see Yemen take over big swathes of tribal Southern Saudi.

Anonymous said...

What have the Saudis done to piss you off SD ?

Emirati said...

I blogged this a long time ago.


The area between the UAE and Qatar definetly has SOME hydrocarbons. The UAE is for now unable to do anything about this situation.

Proud, is America your mother ? She surely isnt mine. An alliance with a stronger country does not mean you are its bitch. This is international politics, not freej politics.

If it was up to me, I would take 3 brigade sized groups and take Eastern Saudi, where their oil fields are, and then swing left and reduce Riyadh to rubble with artillery, murdering every single family member of the House of Saud (including children) and allowing my soldiers to take their women as plunder. Then I would sit and watch while the UAE's GDP swells to 500 bn dollars and all the intelligent liberal and secular hardworking Saudis are Emiratized.

But then again, that is just me.

secretdubai said...

But then again, that is just me.

And that's why we'd all vote for you.

If you were allowed to stand for office, which you're not.

And if we were allowed to vote, which we're not.


pRoUd said...

a very funny post in which again, Emirati, regales us with his sardonic comments.

amrica ain't ma mama, don't insult my intelligence with your ignorance, or perhaps it is your ever lasting vapid language and thoughts that have tainted your judgment to realize cynical remark at sight.

I have used the word as an idiom, & btw thanks for pointing it out, coz I forgot to credit the person coining the term, 3bdil R7man bin Msaad, in his poem "September".

لمّا تُصبح.. سيّدة هذا الزمان..
أمنّا الغولة.. كذّابة..
Read more, adn I pray your arabic is better than your English, because most things are to be read between teh lines.

listen,it's called September

Get this I am being cynical. I'd lose my soul before pleading any allegiance to the scornful, despised, petty administration of*****.

fellow atheist said...

Add me to the long list of those who would like to see the UAE claim back its land and reduce the Saudi regime to the Taliban.

Unfortunately though, there is far more money exchanged between Saudi and the US than between the UAE and the US. Business-sense says to side with the Saudi's should there be a dispute between the the UAE and KSA. Then again, every now and then, the Americans do something totally unexpected -- so who knows.

dredge said...

emirati: does your "emiratization" program (after occupying and pillaging the KSA) include giving Emirati citizenship to the salve girls and comfort women you're bringing back home? Or is it going to be a more expanded slave economy than what you have right now?

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