12 October, 2006

Hey beware of being "Dubai'd"

While surfing the net I came across this news item on an American Lebanese who had his nationality denounced due to bad rumers. The author said that the poor soul had been Dubai'd. Well looking more into the term through the eyes of google I found this defination:

Dubai'd! Following the recent Dubai Ports debacle, it looks like the media have come up with a new phrase - "To be Dubai'd". "Dubai'd--that's when you are demonized by unfounded allegations spread by opponents seeking political advantage and then dumped by so-called friends who fear defending you. It is a kind of political terrorism that mixes fear, character assassination, and crass politics."

So I wonder how the media drew similarities between the name of Dubai and the social and moral evils mentioned above...


Brn said...

Grapeshisha pointed this out last April, and Google only lists three unique uses of the phrase "to be Dubai'd", so it hardly seems like it is being widely used.

Also, the point of the term is that you are being unfairly condemned, so I hardly see how this is the media drawing similarities between Dubai and the practise, except to point out that Dubai was unfairly smeared.

Anonymous said...

me not understando anything

Lirun said...

reminds me of the australian use of the word jew.. to many people it firstly means a cheap stingy miserly person and only then someone of the jewish religion..

only ignorance can allow such misuse to proliferate.. only where no real perceptions are there to repel this new and stupid connotation will people find it possible to use dubai's name to represent specific low social standards..


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