08 October, 2006

Violent future?

Is this kind of targeted violence against expats the present or future here? Interesting the coppers had no comment. Being an expat he of course should pay his hospital bill in full immediately or face a fine and deportation.


bandicoot said...

There is a lot more nonviolent bullying and abuse than outright violent attacks; let's hope the future would bring less of both.

marwan said...

So I guess people care more about the blocking of Youtube/Flickr than one asian Expat being beaten to within an inch of his life.

I suppose his attackers will never be found. Is this the next big trend in UAE bloodsports for those who are so bored of life's luxuries that sociopathy beckons?

Curiosity said...

Dubai used to be safe...but since the first gulf war, its steadily become more and more unsafe..with such attacks happening in broad daylight. Is this the price of progress? the more a city grows, the less humane it becomes??

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