18 October, 2006

Richest People of the Middle East

HERE is an interesting video (google video) made by discovery channel entitled "Richest People of the Middle East". Most of them are in Dubai. Worth watching.

Link courtesy of anonymous.


nzm said...

Fantastic! These guys really let the film crew into their private lives.

Sheikh Maktoum has just sold his stake in the A1 Grand Prix.

Despite getting stuck, Sheikh Hamad is a superb desert driver!

Does anyone know if his fabulous car museum is open to the public? It would be amazing to see.

poo said...

Filthy rich & spoilt :/

Harsha said...

this video was fooooooooooking AMAAAAAAAAAAZINGG!!

marwan said...

I saw this a while ago. As Sam said, worth watching.

Maktoum's A1GP lost $212 million in its first and so for only year. Core concept lacking, perhaps?

The rainbow Sheikh is a pillock. 200 people waiting on him hand and foot, he boasts. 200 people. To serve a man who by his own admission, only signs papers these days (probably hirings and firings).

And in God's name, what has he done to those cars? Is good taste that hard to find?

Out of the four, I find myself only really approving of the latter pair. Sulayem does seem quite the grown-up boy racer at times (and his friendship with Mikey is perhaps ill advised) but he has earned his millions through success. Plus, he seems to really love and drive his cars, not collect them for the sake of collecting like our friend Rainbow.

Jaber needs no words. I have a soft spot for self made men. The fact that he's grooming his daughter to take over is immensely commendable.

black belt 1st dan,shotokan! said...


UAE_J said...

Hey great UAE's rich guys, please donate some little money for a poor student who's experiencing miserable time of his life.

Send me an e-mail, if you're interested.


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