25 October, 2006

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography by: www.choppershoot.com

Photos taken of the UAE from above seem to be becoming more and more popular--understandably so for all of the amazing developments coming up especially around Dubai.

The photo above is a recent shot over Dubai Marina. Notice even the smoke rising from the stacks of the Dubai Power Plant conveniently located at the edge of the Marina.

Chopper Shoot (Aerial Photography) has more Dubai Marina photos at its website. I have my own shots--mostly from ground level, at Dubai Marina Photos.


blogrosh said...

Marvelous isn't it.

I remember my first drive to AUH thru SZR (called the Trade center road) in 79 - the view then comprised pretty much, of the magnificent World trade center building. It stood majestically on the sand dunes and the single lane (each way) highway.

15 - 20 years ago - after the first interchange towards Jebel Ali, it was pretty much the GN building and Safa Park and almost no other form of life. It's quite unbelievable the level of construction & growth.

Grumpy Goat said...

Amazing, isn't it, that none of the residents seem to have noticed the power station and alumininium smelter situated just upwind of JBR.

Very convenient for all the sulphur dioxide smoke belching from the chimneys!

Mme Cyn said...

Anyone else remember a time when you knew you had almost reached Dubai when you saw the Hard Rock? Sigh.

Aerial shots or not, I still think the whole new skyline is plug ugly.

Mme Cyn said...

Oh and isn't that a nasty green algae bloom in the foreground? Something about lack of water circulation comes to mind...

Lirun said...

perhaps i should be crying for the ecology.. however - visually that is absolutely breathtaking..

i can only imagine how stunning that must be at night..

Anonymous said...

Another excellent post! I love the attitude, keep it up!

nzm said...

GG: you do notice the smell when the wind is blowing from the south. It's awful.

blogrosh said...

mme cyn "Aerial shots or not, I still think the whole new skyline is plug ugly."

Why? what city are you comparing this to?

BD said...

Dubai Marina really is a fascinating place, if not perfect. I really don't think that is algae in the water. The dark green color, as compared to the bright blue of the sea, is probably due to the material that lines the basin. I don't live in the Marina but have walked around it several times and have never picked up a smell.

The amount of construction work going on is unprecedented and that alone makes it a bit of a mess. It is quite interesting already, though, with its eclectic mix of buildings, strong residential focus, a waterway that twists and winds even though man-made...

It isn't your typical city or urban area at all. It is unique and in some ways very much Dubai.

choppershoot.com said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
choppershoot.com said...

Hello All,

I took this Aerial Image of Dubai Marina,

The water looks that green even due to minor color corrections/editing

If you look at the overall image most of the colors are not natural, its was just meant to give a warm feeling, sorry if anyone was mislead as a result

I hope that Helps.

Bruce good work with this blog.

Hatim Saeed

nzm said...

BD: the water is that green due to the algae and marine growth that is now covering the cement.

If you walk around the marina and look over the side, you'll see the growth clinging to the walls.

You can also see it growing profusely below the waterline on the numerous boats in the marina which never leave the dock.

BD said...

Thanks for the clarification NZM. I haven't observed it as closely as you have.

Not surprised to hear the boats don't leave the docks very often. It would be nice if boat owners could find a way to share their prize possessions rather than just let them sit. While on the topic, do you know what's behind the random little boats that appear anchored in the middle of the Marina. Does Emaar actually allow that?

Mme Cyn said...

blogrosh -- erm... compared with Washington DC? New York? Paris? Any place where the urban jungle is broken up by green spaces, or any city which has grown up over time and has buildings in a variety of styles and of different ages? This InstaCity [tm], apparently modelled on Coruscant or MegaCity 1, is a triumph of enthusiam over common sense and aethestics. IMHO.

BD said...

NYC was an Instacity in the 1920's and 30's, during which time dozens if not hundreds of skyscrapers were being built on Manhattan island. In a sense, Dubai Marina's Central Park is the waterway and promenade that snakes through it.

BD said...

Perahps Dubai should map out somewhere a huge swathe of land amongst all the new city developments and designate it as Central Dessert--as a poignant reminder for future generations of the city/emirate's heritage.

nzm said...

BD: We lived at the marina for 2 years overlooking the main jetties in front of the fountain.

In our 2 years there, the most activity that we saw was from the marina boatboys moving the boats around from one place to the other by towing them. The random little ones are also included in this.

There were only 2 boats which moved with any regularity. One was a monster with a bright cerulean blue hull, and the other is a charter boat with an Irish flag on it that moors on the jetty directly outside Starbucks - it has a spa pool and jetski on the stern.

I would guess that apart from some of the smaller less ritzy looking boats which are probably privately owned, most of them are unsold and are still owned by Dubai Marine. There are a lot of the same make and model tied up in rows - something that you don't usually see on a normal working marina stocked with privately owned boats.

But as earlier mentioned, so many of them have thick marine growth growing on the hulls and the propellers that they would now need to be cleaned before they could be taken out to sea. It's easy to see this growth - just take a walk down any of the jetties and look under the boats.


BD said...

If that is the state of boating activity on the largest marina in the world, then it defeats half the point of having a Marina. With all the new towers coming up, residents ought to collectively buy a small yacht to take fuller advantage of the Marina life. I realize, however, that the apartments are so expensive and some with high management fees that many couldn't thinking of spending more for a boat, even collectively.

I suppose when the developments in other parts of the Marina get completed, there could at least be an active water taxi service.

Grumpy Goat said...

The other half of the point of having a marina has little or nothing to do with boats, and everything to do with inflating the value, er, cost of the apartments. Perceived wisdom is that waterfront properties are always more expensive than their landlocked counterparts.

As for the putrid green stagnant water, my semi-professional guess is that once the southern end of the canal is fully open to the sea, tidal effects will ensure regular water changes within the marina.

BD said...

It is already open in fact. I don't know from when, but 3 days ago I had a walk down to the mouth of the Gulf. That end is actually wide and expansive. I think once most of the construction work has wound down the whole Marina will be in for getting refreshed. The promenade, now covered with concrete dust, could use being totally redone.

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