23 October, 2006

Urgent request for blood donors

I spotted this urgent appeal on a Dubai forum:

My husbands colleague has just been told that he requires an urgent triple bypass. Unfortunately he is ABNegative and the hospital will not release the blood until suitable replacement donors are found.

If you have this blood group and are able to donate please could you call Ms. Vidya on 050 3460435 or 04 3590514 who will give further details.

The gentleman's name is VKL and this operation is critical

Apparently this blood group is quite rare, so I am sure any help would be appreciated, if anyone knows any suitable donors. Giving blood really doesn't hurt (I've done it - sadly I'm the wrong blood type for this) and has negative effects on the donor.

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blogrosh said...

Any luck on this SD - I sincerely hope all goes well and your friend recovers completely.

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