07 October, 2006

Culture of Void

It is a shame when an officials of - what some still - consider as first world country has nothing better to do other than deciding to lobby for and impose his own personal take on woman fashion and attire. Welcome to 1984.
It is also a shame the highest figure in a religious establishment with a checkered past publicly displays unprecedented level of ignorance and a huge and latent capacity to hate and despise other that do not share his believes. Even his lame and pathetic attempt to apologize amounted to nothing more than additional insult and a dribble of a few more ounces of ignorant and vile accusations.

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skeptical said...

This site is called the "UAE Community Blog" - not the "Global Islamist Self-righteous Outrage Blog".

What does this post have to do with the UAE?

marwan said...

This is nothing more than fishing for something to be outraged about.

Things too quiet, perhaps?

bandicoot said...

Skeptical--this is relevant to the uae and the community; the questions of assimilation and the definition of appropriate attire are important both in Europe and here. I’m not sure though how far an honest and open discussion can go on this sensitive topic. In my work, I sometimes have to deal with veiled women and, to some extent, I understand Jack Straw's frustration. I hope the debate in the UK would be an opportunity for people there to face the veil crisis and find an acceptable solution. However, asking women to unveil here would be unthinkable; at least under the circumstances. Prescribing to others how to dress is a very tricky business to say the least. It's far from easy to find consensus on issues of public decency and provocative appearance, let alone on the minefield of the hijab and niqab questions.

skeptical said...

Bandicoot - I disagree - Jack Straw's opinions and the Pope stating that violence in the service of religion is wrong have nothing to do with the UAE, except in the most peripheral manner - that is, they are about Islam and this is an Islamic country. But this is not a blog about religion, it is about a country. This post belongs on a blog about religion, not one about the UAE. IMHO.

I am sure there is no shortage of forums where the thin-skinned moslem can wail indignantly to his heart's content. Those are better places than this for Hesham's laments.

The assimilation you speak of has to do with the assimilation of moslems into mainstream Britain, (not the UAE) or, perhaps, their resistance to joining mainstream Britain. To which I can only ask, why did you move to Britain if you have no interest in becoming British?

I know of at least two cases where women have been forced to take off their veils in the UAE, so I don't think that you can really call it "unthinkable."

Anonymous said...

This Site is called the UAE Community Blog" , hmmmm I think it should be called the UAE Expat B*tching Blog...much better than your suggestion. You know that Islam is the religion of this country, and this post is related to the countries relition, and if the Brits are going to make it difficult for Muslims, maybe we should avoid going to England. I remember racist people and racist comments comment coming from that "tolerant" country and thas way before this Sept 11 an all the other excuses for the "vigilance" and cultural "awareness" awarness BS thing they claim to give a damn about...
Actually, racist comments about the way we dress even in our own country...so yes its an issue that the UAE community would like to follow and know about..cause people who talk like that exist in the UAE!

secretdubai said...

My favourite comment on this comes from Lounsbury:

"In short, I agree entirely with Straw and am perfectly pleased he raised the issue. The whinging on from the mutaslim hypocrite neo-Salafi living in the West (just bloody emmigrate to KSA, two faced bastards) in their perpetual state of offendedness that the West is the West and that their retrograde magical recreation of an Islam that exists only in the fetid imaginations of semi-literate Saudi financed verse mumblers does not obtain in the West nor any normal country does a disservice to the majority of Muslims in the West that are perfectly capable and willing to live in accord with the standards and societies that exist."

Anonymous said...

Sure you like his comment SD, its the same "if you dont like it leave" kind of comment that you stand by.
Reminds me of our reaction to some expats who whine just the same yet still stay here.

skeptical said...

Dear lukewarm citrus juice and bee vomit:

According to your "logic", any issue concerning Islam anywhere in the world is, by extension, about he UAE.

You are, obviously, wrong.

This post has *nothing* to do with the UAE. Please take your tiresomely incessant victim-mongering to a place where people actually want to hear it (such as www.wah_wah_wah_us_muslims_are_so_disrespected.com) and leave this forum to actual discussions about actual things about this country.

Anonymous said...

Wow Skeptical, Go back and read previous post and ask your self why did you choose to object to this, don't be a so bitter. Yes, people in the UAE are very interested in such news, as a MUSLIM country (YES MUSLIM) we find it relevant, and since this is the UAE community blog, its very appropriate to have such a post. Now go find a place where you can bang your head several times in objection.

Hesham said...


I'm from the U.AE => I'm part of the community => I'm interested n this Issue => this is a UAE community issue...

easy enough...mate...I hope this is the last time I have to explain this simple concept.

I've posted my comments on your comments in my blog....

bored and confused said...

Will somebody PLEASE explain to me, in detail, exactly what you would like the Pope to do. He's apologised, he's explained the context of what he was trying to say, he's apologised again, he's explained again, and he's apologised again...

And why oh why do you expect the Pope to promote your religion? He's the Pope for God's sake, he represents a religion which is competing with yours for members. Do you seriously expect him to stand up and say that he is so impressed by your religion that he's seriously thinking of converting? Don't be bloody daft.

And, while I'm at it, how many of your religious leaders have insulted Christianity and in fact every other religion in the world on a regular basis? Honestly? I know what your answer will be, "these people don't represent the true face of it" Well, they're the ones shouting loudest. Can you blame the rest of us if that's all we hear?

skeptical said...

So, basically, anything that any blogger is personally interested in is fair game for this forum?

If I started a blog and wanted to post here about my personal interests - ice hockey, free jazz, the Razumovsky quartets, Rothko paintings, Woody Allen films of the 70s, the decline of the seaside resort in Britain, tofu-based cooking, the BMW 3.0CSL - then it would be perfectly acceptable to make posts about these topics on the UAE Community blog?

That seems to be the point made by Hot liquids and Hesham: "I'm interested in it, and I am in the UAE, so..."

It strikes me that this would be a better forum if it were restricted to issues such as:

"Culture in the UAE"
"Business in the UAE"
"Religion in the UAE"
"Education in the UAE"
"Life in the UAE"
"Health in the UAE"
"Traffic in the UAE"

And so on. See the common denominator in all the above topics? Notice that the following topics are missing the same common denominator:

"Styles of religious dress in Britain"
"Speeches the pope made in Germany"

But clearly, there is no "boss" to this blog, and anybody can put whatever they want here. The Tragedy of the Commons, all over again. Humans are sooooo predictable.

Anonymous said...

Skeptical Dear,
Again, go back and ask your self WHY didn't you object on previous posts here that had nothing to do with the UAE community. Maybe then you will get a better understanding to YOUR Frustration.
Recent examples:
1- Remembering Mahatma Gandhi.
2- Wishes from the lonely land.
3- Mozart Ban in Berlin.
4- Fairness, Politics and the Media.
5- Random Lunatics.

I think this blog should be called, the Expats WAAA WAAA WAAA we are so sad in the UAE blog..its more appropriate.

And thanks for taking my advice of finding a wall cause it seems it has worked...you made a better point in your last comment.

samuraisam said...

"But clearly, there is no "boss" to this blog"

Wrong; there are several.

Calm the fucking commenting down or I'll disable it completely.

bandicoot said...

Skeptical, how about voting the Pope as the "boss" of this blog? I'm sure he'll regulate it down to the last detail of every possible topic of holy blogging that is there; and will bless it too!

Do you really think, given the make up of this country and the age of globalization, that you can have a strict consensus on what is uae-related and what's not? I know some cases are more obvious than others; but what's the big deal if some posts are deemed by many as unrelated (as long as the majority of posts are generally seen as relevant)? It makes, well, a bit more unpredictable; doesn't it?

skeptical said...

Calm the fucking commenting down or I'll disable it completely.

Seem's like you're the one who needs calming down, potty mouth.

Clearly, I've won this discussion, and now I've lost interest. All parties are free to return to their indignations, unbothered by logic.

Buh-bye. :-)

samuraisam said...

"Clearly, I've won this discussion, and now I've lost interest. All parties are free to return to their indignations, unbothered by logic."

Please proceed to the front counter to collect your prize.

Anonymous said...

LOL Sam :)
Sketpical, we chose to ignore you and your useless comments...get out of your bubble then we might hear you...enjoy Your "victory" LOL.

samuraisam said...

not "We".

I want no part of either side here; what i've said goes for both of you.

Hesham said...


Sorry for not writing about you grandma's cat, or your girfriend's (boyfriend's??) perm.

I;m sure the rest of us will try hard to post topics that you seem fit. As for me...well...

Curiosity said...

The best thing to do with such 'people' is to ignore them and hence not add fuel to the fire. There is no point to lock heads with ignorant and narrow minded people. A true waste of time and energy.

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