02 March, 2006

Clinton v. Clinton: Resolved let Dubai invest in America


You cannot make this stuff up.


grapeshisha said...

Next thing there will be a custody battle over curly haired Chelsea, just like the Hoffman flick Kramer Vs Kramer.

Despite (Mr) Clinton's meandering, impeachment etc, he is more of a heavywright than his wife. Probably the most famous face on the planet, and he holds significant influence, probably more so in swaying opinion than his days in the White House. Hopefully what he says will change things, but I fear this has run its course.

Anonymous said...

Money talks - and Clinton has not shut up since he started getting paid...

nzm said...

The man has charisma - anyone who has met him will tell you that - especially Monica.

He was in NZ last week on a speaking engagement and had to retire early one night because he was unwell.

He had probably heard of Hillary's opposition to the DP World deal, and realised that his future Dubai speaking engagements might be in doubt.

Then again, his advice to the DP World management might have been made in advance - knowing that Hillary was about to voice opposition!

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