09 March, 2006

A Concert of Traditional Sufi Music

American University of Sharjah presents Ali Hassan and the Tigris Group "A Concert of Traditional Sufi Music" Wednesday, March 15 at 8:30PM Main Building Auditorium American University of Sharjah [MAPS]

Free Admission

The Tigris Group will perform music of the Sufi (mystic) tradition. Featured artists of this ensemble, Ali Hassan, Riyadh Muhsin and Abbas Hanash, will play Oud (Arabian lute) and Arabian percussion instruments.

Anyone interested in joining this list should send an email to: culturalevents@aus.edu Please write "subscribe" in the subject line. You will periodically receive information about upcoming cultural events and a reminder on the day before the event itself.


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Farrukh said...

John, you're posting such good stuff to attend - I only wish AUS was easier to reach for a person who does not drive - me.

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