10 March, 2006


Too bad the DPW deal has come to this. But DPW's latest move seems to be an effort at damage control. I guess the way they saw it the storm would continue to grow unless they did what they did.

It is a shame to see irrationality and deciept win over reason. The bottom line in the whole matter was not security--not by a long shot. The bottom line was US politicians trying to score political points. That is really sad. And the American public were duped--so gullible, like most of world's masses.

So how does the US continue to trumpet free-markets and globalism? Why should foreigners, especially from the Arab world, continue to invest in US assets? If there are money-making alternatives, then why not look elsewhere. Maybe the fallout will be continued support and growth in local investment markets--like Dubai's propterty and stock markets.

As for DPW, they can focus even more concertedly on their Asian operations, which was apparently the main benefit of the P&O purchase anyway. As for the US, let it continue to act as a regional as opposed to a world power.

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Fahad Al Mahmood said...

It is a big shame to pull out with no justified reason. Just because UAE is an Arab and Muslim country it attracted all the attention of the US media and congress. If it was another European country, it would have been totally different story. Pulling out to preserve friendship ... I don't think the US media and congress will buy this reason .... they still think we are hiding something and that UAE is trying to deliever a message.

According to a blog I have read, they accused the UAE of trying to deliever the message to other US allies that the US has no friends and that it does not trust their allies ... so why should other allies trust the Americans?

Go figure ........

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