04 March, 2006

Israeli company installs antennas on US Capitol

Washington Post - Taking on the Week's Big Issue: Ports

In Dar Al-Hayat, there's disgust at the perceived double standard: No one objected when Jack Abramoff 'convinced Congressman Bob Nye, the chairman of the House Administration Committee, to grant $3 million contract to a new Israeli company called Foxcom Wireless to set up antennas on the Capitol, to improve mobile phone coverage,' the op-ed contends. 'This would make eavesdropping on congressmen's conversations easy for a third party, like Mossad.' (And that's not a terribly far-fetched concern.)"

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farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Hmmm... you got me thinking now, John. We should be going for those mobile phone technology deals then, and landline deals too ;-)

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