07 March, 2006

Keywords Used to Filter Web Content

Chinese censors use keywords to filter web content

Names of People
Bao Tong
Chen Yonglin
Cui Yingjie
Ding Jiaban
. . .

Chinese Politics
17th party congress
Beat the Central Propaganda Department
Blast the Central Propaganda Department
Block the road and demand back pay
Chief of the Finance Bureau
Children of high officials
. . .

Specific Issues and Events
Buy corpses
Cadres transferred from the military
Cat abuse
Changxin Coal Mountain
China Youth Daily staff evaluation system
Chinese orphanage
Chinese Yangshen Yizhi Gong
Demobilized soldiers transferred to other industries
Fetus soup
. . .

Terms related to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, including phrases from its "Nine Commentaries" manifesto against the Communist Party:
Chinese Communist Party brutally kills people
dajiyuan (in English)
Defy the heavens, earth and nature. Mao Zedong
Epoch Times
. . .

Overseas Web Sites, Publications and Dissident Groups
. . .
. . .

Ethnic Minorities
. . .
Tiananmen Square
. . .

. . .

. . .

Handmade pistol
. . .


secretdubai said...

"Fetus soup"?

*smacks lips*

*buys a few corpses*

*does some cat abuse*

picky licky! said...

what about in these UAE?

BuJ said...

where did u get this stuff from?
can you get a list for any country? we know the UAE.. bas how about say Swaziland?

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