04 March, 2006

Not Always About Dubai...

Abu Dhabi's New Corniche

Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is undergoing its own transformation. The new Emirates Palace Hotel opened over a year ago, and lots of work has been done around the Corniche, including dredging for a new 8-lane thoroughfare, tunnels, new green spaces, small lakes and fountains. The Corniche project, started about 2 years ago, is about 2/3 complete.

There's more to come with an expected new highway to run from Zayed port (which will be relocated), across Sadiayat and other islands, and joining the mainland somewhere between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Does it match what's going on in Dubai? Of course not, but it's nice anyway, especially the park-like areas on nice spring-like days.


MD said...

gorgeous pics!

KJ said...

ahh yes!! the new parks are just so nice.
seeing the children play around happily is such a treat.



secretdubai said...

Abu Dhabi's lovely. I like it more and more.

John B. Chilton said...

Yes, but they teenage hoodlums prowling the pedestrian tunnels under the corniche road near this park need to be given a good spanking. And another one if they persist.

khaled ghanem Alshamsi said...

the perfect solution for these teenage punks and hoodlums & scum of the emirates? taser shots!!!!! yep, 1 shot & they'll be good! cruel?yep!unusual?oh golly,yes! will it work? why not!! after all, 1 needs to defend themselves from morons!
but fat chance of the local authorities using my idea, bunch of............

Jin said...

Abu Dhabi used to be a well kept secret, but now more & more people are heading here.........eeeek! It's a lovely city - on the whole people are friendly & always have a smile. If they told Hubs he had to transfer to Dubai, I'd tell him to commute, cos I really wouldn't want to live there!

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