08 March, 2006

Wikipedia - Arablish

"Arablish is the practice of writing the Arabic language using the Latin alphabet as used in English and other languages. It is commonly used in Internet chatrooms and electronic mail, especially when typing in Arabic characters is difficult or impractical."

Wikipedia lists these Arablish words:
7abeeb "beloved, baby" (in Arabic script: خبيب)
ba3deen "later, afterwards" (بعدين)
inshaa2allaah "God willing, hopefully" (إنشاء الله)
jum3ah, jom3eh, gom3eh, etc. "Friday" (جمعة)
6aalib, 6aaleb "student" (طالب)
wa6an "home country" (وطن)
9aa7ib, 9aa7eb "friend, sir" (صاحب)
(al)ma3'reb, (al)maghreb "Morocco" (المغرب)
akhbaar, a5baar "news" (أخبار)

There are heaps more than those around - Arabic speakers, why not contribute some more?

(UAE users now have to be logged in to edit Wiki, due to Etisalat's useless IP assigning system.)


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