07 July, 2006

Arablish 101


How did you read that? The first time I read that word somewhere I read it as sevenabibi. But I realized that it was Arabic written in English so I corrected myself and read it as sabahabibi instead. Wow, gr8. Okay laugh your ass of if you know how to read that, but nobody's telling us people who are unfamiliar to Arabic language what numbers are supposed to be in Arabic-English! How are we supposed to read number 7 in 7abibi? Today is your lucky day as I’ll teach you how to read - numbers!

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BD said...

Timely topic--for me anyway. I was just in my classroom a few days ago asking the students (all Arabic speakers) how numbers are used in chat or email as shorthand. What you've demonstrated is what I was hoping the students would come up with.

hallodubai said...

It is written with a 7 because this number looks similar to the Arabic letter "h". So it is pronounced Habibi.

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