01 July, 2006

Please help - found budgerigar

We have found a green, very tame budgerigar in the Gardens/Jebel Ali Village area. It was tapping on the window for ages and we were worried it was suffering from the heat so have let it inside, and it's now in a very large cardboard box (plenty of ventilation) with water and some seeds.

If you have lost a budgie - or know someone who has - or would like a budgie as a pet, please get in touch. We're not allowed to keep pets here - given the way they "dealt with" the feral cats (many of whom were tame, lovely animals) I dread to think what they will do with this poor budgerigar :(

Please email me or reply below if you can help.

This is it - click for bigger. We've nicknamed it Pippin.


birdiewallah said...

They're cute and wonderful things. If you don't have any other offers, SD, I'll be glad to take it back to my kids in Al Ain. She (or "it") can join our other budgie, 2 parrots and one lovebird we have there at the moment.

(Except I don't have a car so you may have to deliver to me at 4th interchange--near Muroor. Guess we can work that out.)

Birdiewallah said...

Hi...Birdiewallah again. Is it showing any signs of sickness: droopy head, lethargic look, etc.,?

secretdubai said...

It seems quite cheerful - that's a photo of it that I just took. It didn't look too ill or mangy or anything. It was even cheeping at one point, but it didn't seem to be in distress.

And thank you for your kind offer! I'm going to have to put a notice in the building in case it's a pet (our suspicion is that someone may have deliberately cast it out when they went on holiday or moved, as happens with cats here) but assuming no one replies let's coordinate and try and deliver it to you.

Will it be OK in the large box? It's a really huge box, it used to have a TV or computer in or something.

Grumpy Goat said...

'It' is probably a 'she'. Males' nostrils are usually blue. Unless the budgie is very young.

Good luck with finding a good home.

Birdiewallah said...

Yes, after you posted the pic I can see it seems quite OK. If it's normal and happy, you'll hear it chirping quite a bit when it hears other birds outside.

Re: the box, Masafi-size (for travel only) would be OK, since I take the public bus to Bur Dubai and then a 28-seater (Al Ghazal) to Al Ain. So space constraints apply. (Plus I carry a laptop bag--with my lunch.)

However, I think we should wait, as we ought to give the owner (if there's one) a chance to get it back first. If no-one wants it, I'll take it.

Note: It could have flown off on its own, as one of ours (a yellow one) once did. The door was open when the Oasis water wallah came in, and that was it. Never got it back, though we went around the vicinity searching and calling. BTW, what are the chances of the owner, or a friend, reading this blog? Statistically, pretty low, I think.

uae alias said...

OH! my little cute thing i can't believe u found it! thank u ... can u eamil it to me lolz! just kidding

secretdubai said...

Thanks GG and Birdiewallah! I am going to tell Gardens/Jebel Ali Village management about it, and leave a contact number in case someone is looking for it, or her, I suppose we should say.

We've bought a small cage to put it in so it's not in darkness and got some seed. It seems quite perky - it's climbing all over the cage with its beak. And it's eating lots of the seed.

However the bad news: the other side of its head (that I didn't see before) has some sort of wound. Click here to see the best pic I could get of it. The rest of its feathers seem to be intact (as you can see from the first pic). So perhaps we should take it to the vet?

CG said...

If you can hold onto it for a month or you can find a temporary home then I will gladly have it to join my zoo. email me.

birdiewallah said...

Sad. If that's a recent wound it could develop into an infection, which could be bad. Obviously, he (or she, or it) has had his wings clipped, which is why he's using his beak for climbing.

This means he can't fly high or far. Which also makes him an easy target, and could explain the wound. It also makes it very likely there's an owner walking around looking for him.

secretdubai said...

Thanks again for the info - I am learning so much! The wound doesn't look bloody or anything - it looks quite clean/neat.

It's good news if there is an owner around somewhere, they probably have other birds that he misses. I'll call the vet tomorrow as well.

And CG - sure, if birdiewallah doesn't mind as she (he?) offered a home first. Basically anyone who would love to have a little greeny bird with a really music chirp (it doesn't chirp very much).

It's already going to be hard parting, with Pippin, even though it's only been in my home a few hours :(

Birdiewallah said...

Birdiewallah's a he (despite not having blue nostrils). The offer remains open.

BuJ said...

super cool.. how did u catch him?

don't they fly?

Emaraty said...


Birdiewallah said...

I've emailed you re: Pippin.

Ameera said...

I looked on:

to see if anyone in Dubai reported a lost bird but only found one listing for a lost African Grey...

I hope her wound doesn't get infected!! But she is a cutie patootie!! I wish I could take her... we have one parakeet and two African Greys... and a kitten (we seperate her from the birds of course!)....

inshallah she will find a good home!!

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