03 October, 2006


etisalat seems to have now unblocked torrentspy.com

How about the pirate bay now?

and of course, Skype still remains blocked...


Harsha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

OK well apparently pirate bay is unblocked.

Here check it out


U just spelt it wrong lol.

samuraisam said...

I did not spell it wrong; they are both basically the same URL. it's just annoying to have the URL you've always used to access the website blocked yet the other one isn't. A double standard; how unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Don't you folks use mininova.org for torrents? They have about 1000 new torents each day, most are well seeded, categories include Anime, Movies, Music, Software and TV Programs. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

eh ur retarded the guy with the last comment.. doesn't matter where the torrent is downloaded from it depends whether or not you can connect to the tracker.. TPB trackers have been blocked and connecting to peers/seeders of such a torrent is impossible

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