04 July, 2006

7days.ae deletes 'offensive' story

I had bookmarked 7days' coverage of the 'Jobs for nationals' story on 25th June.

Browsing back to read the user comments I found this:

This story has been removed from the 7DAYS web site, because some of the comments that followed it were found to be offensive by some of our readers.

7DAYS would like to reiterate the fact that the comments that follow any of the stories on the 7DAYS web site are those of the authors, and do not represent the views and opinions of 7DAYS or Al Sidra Media. We do moderate the comments for offensive content, but this is an imperfect process, and we urge readers who are offended by comments to contact the site administrator at webmaster.

We apologise for any offense caused.

Note the sole user comment that remains there.

Well, I can accept offensive comments from being removed (even that is arguable), but in what way was the article offensive ?? Why remove the story instead of individual comments ?! Were they short on moderators ?

Does anyone have a copy of the original story ?


samuraisam said...

Unfortunately Yahoo doesn't have it, MSN's cached copy has been updated with the removal message, and google's copy has been updated too.

I'll keep on searching though.

samuraisam said...

A9/live/webarchive don't have copies either.


If anyone has a copy, please email it to sam@samurai-sam.com and i'll host it on my server

Doubleletter said...

I checked archive.org... surprisingly, they only have copies of pages for the year 2005.


Axonsax said...

Fact: 7 Days is censored along with the rest of the UAE press. We all know this so don't be surprised.

A comment like ...."and yea, like a UAE natonal is gonna make the tea, remind the boss that it's his girl friends birthday, lie to his wife".... ...(just the one??)..."buy flowers for the mistress, work unpaid overtime, feed the goldfish"...all for the price of a decent meal in the West End?

Can you come in on Friday Mrs. Al Moneypenny? We have something important going down.....nudge nudge wink wink

Anonymous said...

June 25, 2006 (7Days) - Jobs for Nationals

Proud Emirati said...

Unfortuanly I was invloved in the fight there. I dont like the idea of deleting it, a light moderating would be fine though

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