03 July, 2006

Magic Roundabout

Fact: Most drivers in Dubai cannot cope with the simple concept that is the roundabout.

Imagine how the hell they would cope with this traffic calming solution from the UK.

Perhaps the U-Turn is not such a bad thing after all........

Check out http://www.swindonweb.com/life/lifemagi0.htm

They swear it works.......think it would work here......lol


Keefieboy said...

I've been on that 'Magic Roundabout' at Swindon - what a nightmare!

BD said...

Looking closely at the picture it looks kind of smart--but it might be a different story in heavy traffic.

Driver's in the UAE are quite skilled compared to US drivers--we don't even have round-a-bouts there--for the most part.

Not to knock anyone though, it is all simply a question of what you get used to. While you speed or creep through traffic on SZR, be grateful you're not flirting like a tadpole on the congested streets of say, Colombo.

Grumpy Goat said...

The Magic Roundabout, or ring junction to give it the technical name, works because everyone is terrified of it. Drivers are all convinced that the layout is dangerous, and consequently they drive carefully.

trailingspouse said...

Hey, in Cairo they drive round roundabouts in both directions!

bandicoot said...

Entering a roundabout is like going into another dimension where the laws of physics and gravity seem to break down. I've blogged about this (more specifically about defense roundabout) sometime ago here

BuJ said...

i hate ittttttt!!!!!!
i am fed up with bloody traffic calming here in the uk.. with every year my bloody temper flares as they try to calm my traffic!

it's so pointless.. when i wanna get from point a to point b i wanna do it as quickly and safely as possible.. driving at 10 mph is not quick or safe (for my blood pressure).

BuJ said...


bd... well well first we get that all kandooras were created equal and now you say that swindon is in the US.. hmmm might be worth checking your atlas mate :)

and in case you're still baffled, then why not re-read the post...as it mentions the country directly...

finally.. hmmm i am not quite sure about your statement:

"Driver's in the UAE are quite skilled compared to US drivers"

I guess we all live in hope.

ahmed said...

LOL.. There are cars everywhere and in all directions.

No Thanks, I prefer the 'Al Ain Roundabouts' ;)

Anonymous said...

Buj...thanx fer sharin yer knowledge...somehow I failed to notice that BD said (or thought) that Swindon is in the US, although you seem to have done so (intuition I guess). If you have spent any amount of time on these blogs, you'd know BD is from th US, and that's what he's referring to.

Regarding kandooras, I've lived in this country for 17 years (oh, by the way I'm talking about the UAE, did I fail to mention that?) and while all kandooras are not created equal, they are nevertheless a great "equaliser" (not the same thing as on your audio equipment). This has to do with the overall shape and heritage of the garment. Subtleties, and variations in price, do exist. Similarly, abayas used at one time to be all black and tent-like (hence a great equaliser again) but of late have been taking on elements of fashion, with subtle decorative work, and even some figure-hugging cuts. Consequently, you will begin to find price differences as well. Under these circumstances, BD's original comments on the kandoora were not knowledgeable, but not necessarily invalid, either.

As others have correctly observed, kandooras can be dark grey, brown, black, purple, beige and so on, not just white.

However, on my way to work this morning, guess what was the colour of 199 out of every 200 kandooras I saw? No prizes for guessing.

guesser said...


slurpy said...

buj is hallucinating

blogrosh said...

Round-a-abouts eh? Well just look at the beautiful crap we've got in good ol Sharjah.

The municipality round-a-about, the smile you are in Sharjah one and ofcourse lo behold the Quran round-a-about and the Kuwaiti round-a-about.

I hate these round-a-abouts - most people have no clue how to use them and the Sharjah ones, like most of Sharjah infrastructure defy all logic.

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