04 July, 2006

DNRD Regime Change?

Does anyone know anything about this?
Seems Bin Bleilah and Bu Jseim have been replaced.

More here Gulf News.


Dana said...

One of his eyes are bigger than the other.
Am in a weird mood.

steve austin said...

i guess bujsseim wanted to watch the world cup ,especially the horror show called the referees& is saying (I can do much better then these clowns!)
but then again....

BuJ said...

allright steve ;)

so i see people either don't know or don't wanna talk about the real topic. hmm.. worrying.
i thought the net was relatively free from censorship. i am not making things up, this is in the mainstream press...

MD said...

buj, today there's another brief article on this. it mentions both beleilah and bujseim as being 'retired'.

press never gives the real details or enough reasons on this. i haven't heard anything from any of my lochal friends, yet.

Proud Emirati said...

The department didnt get any prize in the Dubai Government Excellence Program. Might be the reason?

I've been there last week. Although they have a brand new building, the customer service is horrible. They need to start smiling.

I didnt like Bin bulailah especially after knowing that he is the head of Dubai Rottery Club.

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