04 July, 2006

Remembering India

I have to admit one of my favorite things about the UAE is its India connections. Without ever visiting India one can get a taste of it here. That's all somewhat changing, however. There are still a lot of Indians along with their influences here, but these are being joined by so many more from countries and cultures near and far. I invite anyone to reminisce with me on the old legacy of India in the UAE, as it begins to fade with the emergence of a more modern society.


blogrosh said...

Interesting article. I agree with the fact that there were so many keralites in the UAE for so long. They often seemed, the quite, working kind - minding their own business, pretty competitive at times, I think? Butt of Indian jokes etc...

I am a second generation UAE resident and am Brit/indian. To be brutally honest, Indians generally are not my fav folks (I get along well with the second/third generations from the UAE) It's the new crop who pretty much carry an insecure and crab mentality. DOn't know why, most of 'em think - others are out to get them - which I never understood?

Then there is the Indian emotions - I do not watch "Bollywood" crap - however if you say something negative (read truthful) about some silly people, who are called Actors - lo behold all hell breaks lose.

Before all the sentimental Desi's go guns and bullets - my comments are based on actual experiences.

Anyhow, I agree with the blog - UAE does have a lot of Indian influence, I also think there is a strong British influence.

I liked the UAE that existed 10 years ago - now there seems to be so much crap and so many new people, the old ones have moved elsewhere - the country seems to be loosing it's true charm - a safe, warm, quite and beautiful place, where everyone knew everyone else and people trusted their neighbours - oh well, it is what it is.

DubaiTeen said...

I like staying in Dubai. It's like a developed India. Everyone around you speaks Hindi and you still get the comfortable feeling of being around your own countrymen, even though you're far from your country.

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