06 July, 2006

Illogical rape

As left by an anonymous commenter on my blog...

credit: anonymous dude (bobsyouruncle)


Tainted Female said...

Did you read the article?

Illogical as in, logic says it’d be almost impossible to rape someone in the front seat of small parked in rush hour traffic close to a police patrol.

Illogical as in the physical examination wasn’t able to determine whether or not aactual intercourse took place.

Woke said...

Tainted is right. You got to read the article to understand the context.

intestinal blues said...

What's the point of this post anyways?!

archer14 said...

Article within context or not, I can't believe the judge actually listened to this nonsense. Illogical rape.
If I were to be caught for drunk driving, I'd tell them, I'm illogical-ly drunk. Why would I drink and drive - to kill myself?

Tainted Female said...

IB… I HOPE it’s Sam’s wonderful world of play, on the poor English displayed in local media, but I’m tempted to think it’s another shot at how awful the UAE is considering the forum.

Holy ass-kissing taking over rational?! Maybe?

You can’t believe the judge would listen to this? Humm… Physical/Medical evidence of rape = None. Logic of accusation = pretty hard to believe.

Now we know why you're not a judge..

intestinal blues said...

What does drinking have to do with this article?

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