06 July, 2006

Rising cost of living dents Dubai's attraction

Many immigrant workers are falling into debt as employers often fail to respond with increased wages.


BD said...

Good article. It's nice when Dubai gets reveiwed abroad by presumably impartial journalists. The following is an especially good account:

Polling 732 respondents from a mix of mostly immigrant communities in the UAE, the survey found average price rises of 20 to 30 per cent for accommodation (27 per cent), foodstuffs (20 per cent), healthcare (18 per cent), education (20 per cent) and transportation (25 per cent). About 20 per cent of respondents said their rent had more than doubled, in spite of a 15 per cent cap announced by the authorities. The survey found nearly half the respondents were breaking even or falling into debt, with employers mostly failing to respond with increased wages. Forty-four per cent were considering moving to cheaper or shared accommodation and 23 per cent were sending their families away.

That is about the most accurate-sounding account I've ever come across in the media.

It's totally ridiculous when official figures are put forward like 3-6% inflation--as though to say all those criminal rent increases are figments of the renters' imagination. Although, I myself, have not yet become a victim of this, it is clear through news reports and cursory review of the rental property adds that price gouging on rentals is real and hurting people bad.

Dubai property said...

I also agree with the previous comment. But I think it's normal that the prices for Dubai property are increasing nowadays. The inflation is going up in every country.

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