07 July, 2006

Why Do We Blog?

We are a forum of UAE web diarists. That sounds like a good description to me, which I have elaborated upon in a post on blogging. But why do we as individuals blog--in our own blogs and at UAE Community? Do any of us have an agenda--and is it wrong if we do? Is it because we want to be more involved in the community--and is that happening? Somehow blogging in general and this particular blog seems to have evolved organically. That is one of several things that makes it so interesting.


Tainted Female said...

I blog in my personal blog for a number of reasons:

1) I love to write and believe I’m good at it.
2) I love to be read by an audience and know their reaction helps improve my language skills.
3) Blogging allows for exchange of thoughts and comments left by readers help increase a person’s perspective or understanding.
4) I hold pretty-unique opinions about most things concerning the UAE and want them to be heard so the drowning negative light your average UAE based blogger shines on this country isn’t the only thing to be found by an international audience.

As for the UAE community… I don’t post here anymore and the reasons are explained in the last post I made here, which you can find by clicking on this link.

It’ll be interesting to see why other people blog, if they actually come in and offer their thoughts…

BD said...

Great comments tainted female, I hope they will be joined! Now I have to click your link and see why you've stopped posting...

bandicoot said...

I ask myself: If I had a newspaper where I could publish what I want everyday, would I still be blogging? The answer is definitely, yes; but may be I’ll blog a bit differently. Blogging is more than just publishing; it's also creating a virtual personal turf or home where you can post whatever you want in your front yard, superseding all artificial limits and rules and boundaries. Moreover, it also allows others to spray their own graffiti all over your walls telling you what they think of your signs. I guess it's the sheer freedom of it. For me, blogging is the greatest equalizer of our times.

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