07 July, 2006

Netherlands in another racism kerfuffle

Involving a Sony Play Station Portable advert. White appears to dominate. Black appears to submit.


bandicoot said...

I think it's hopeless to expect companies to be so sensitive and politically correct; they'll just go to absurd lengths to push their products and this is now like religion. This one is actually not that bad, though I find its artistic merits and possible suggested message in poor taste. I've seen worse (no, not just the infamous CK ones); for comparison with bad ads from the same genre, check this out(scroll to middle of page.
For one closer to home, check the Detroit Project's ad on fuel efficiency at this link.

Brown said...

Clever concept, slick execution.

Offense level up again, I presume.

Woke said...

Seeing the full campaign, it does nto seem to be racist but definitely is not in good taste. Agencies have moved to a stage where successsful advertising is anything which generates discussion.

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