07 July, 2006

Modhesh makes it into the bigtime

Local icon Modhesh is being hounded by unnamed Hollywood animation studios for the rights to film his story.

No stopover in Bollywood for this guy - he's going straight to the top!

Personally, I think that he'd be better off making a name for himself in other movie genres before heading off into the mists of animation to become just another famous voice for some cute donkey or wooden cowboy.

Modhesh - if you read this - think about it, man!

Your name and face - in lights - above all the movie theatres in the world!

Before signing your contract, insist on making some decent blockbusters.

Click here if you want to see some movie suggestions for remakes which will make you into a star!


bandicoot said...

No kidding! But we've seen it all happen with Barney before. Good luck with the scrpit! I hope it's more "colorful" than the yellow thing!!

BD said...

Those movie posters are terrific!

BD said...

I don't see many comments here. Guys, if you aren't clicking the link to nzm's original Modhesh post--here it is again--then do so! He must have put in a lot of time making some really clever graphics.

Keefieboy said...

BD: I reckon she did!

nzm said...

It took her about 2 hours - but most of that was spent finding suitable resolution posters on websites to work on!

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