08 July, 2006

The usual boring introduction post

Well, this is my first post in this blog and the 2nd after my failure attempt to create a stupid blog focusing on another issue.

Writing isn't really one of my best skills, especially if it was my thoughts we are talking about here.

I've always got the worst grades in composition exams. It is the subject I lose grades the most in. So I'll give it a shot here to see what it might lead me to.

As an introductory post, I'd like to give you an idea about what this blog is all about. I named it Emirates Reuters referring to the news paper agency. I don't want to sound stupid but I think you know that already. You can see that my first post is "The newspaper guy" which really sums up almost everything about me.

Yes, I am addict to newspapers, might be a weird habits to most of you or shall I call it hobby? Even I consider it stupid and it really gives me a hard time.

To see the remaining of this post visit my blog http://emiratesreuters.blogspot.com/


secretdubai said...

Hello - I fixed you a clickable link!

I don't think writing online is necessarily comparable to compositions. It's more about writing what you find interesting, in a style that you enjoy or find easy, not what someone else is telling you to do.

As for being Emirates Reuters - great idea. Time WAM got some competititon ;)

MD said...

ahlan wa sahlan :)

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