01 October, 2006


Etisalat has now unblocked flickr.com
They should sexually segregate flickr so Etisalat never gets offended again.

Unforunately, skype remains blocked.


MD said...


Arvind said...

My head is reeling. I only wish they unblocked vox.com :(

Anonymous said...


pRoUd said...

oh la la! at last.

such unprecedented joy falls on the hearts of the residents of the uae, source being unblockage from Etisalat.

archer14 said...

Unprecedented joy....HAHAHAHA!

anonymous lurker said...

i wonder how long it will be unblocked until someone starts posting pics of Big Boy holidays and private phone numbers.

Arabized said...

flickr is so damn lame.

talk about people abusing it, its a place where photographers gather to share photos. Its not a place where you post pics of your dior hat,latest nokia phone, or a butterfly on your ASS.

or your so called 'toxic lips'


BuJ said...

ooooh.. so now the shopping malls will be empty again :)

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